Gemini Vanaspati

has been the brand of choice for festive food for years. The hallmark of Gemini Vanaspati is its perfect texture, with the right sized grains that add all the drool to your food. Vansaspati ghee is a fully or partially hydrogenated vegetable cooking oil, often used as a substitute for ghee. Ghee is an essential and nutritional element in much of Indian cuisine. It has a rich, buttery taste and aroma. Vanaspati Ghee is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils.

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Vitamin A is essenital for Immune system, Vitamin D controls Calcium & Phosphorus in the human body the best and is required for optimal health and Vitamin E help prevent Acne, rough, dry, scaly premature aged skins

Energy 884 kcal
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrate 0 g
of which sugars 0 g
Fat: 100 g
# Added Vitamin A 75 mcg ***
# Added Vitamin D 5 mcg ***