Make Masks

Step 1:
Take a clean piece of 100% cotton cloth. You may also use any used cotton cloth and clean it in boiling water for 5 min and dry it.

Step 2:
Cut a rectangular cover strip of 9”x 7” for adult and 7”x5” for children.

Step 3:
Cut 4 thin strips for tying & piping-Two pieces of 1.5”x 5” and two pieces of 1.5”x 40”.

Step 4:
Attach the 1.5”x5” strip to be used as piping to the fabric on one end.

Step 5:
Create 3 downward facing pleats of approximately 1.5” each by folding the cloth and secure it with piping. Repeat the same on the other side. Once the pleats have been made, the height of the pleated cloth will be reduced from 9” to 5”.

Step 6:
Now attach the long 40” strips for tying the face cover to the top and bottom strips.Once again fold both these strips three times and stitch.

Step 7:
Your mask is ready. Ensure that the mask fits your mouth and nose well and there are no gaps.

Clean and Sanitize

Option 1:
Thoroughly wash the mask with soap and salted warm water and leave it to dry in extreme heat for at least 5 hours.

Option 2:
Alternatively, you may also pressure boil it in salted water in a pressure cooker or any other vessel for at least 10-15 minutes and leave it to dry.

Option 3:
Wash and clean the mask with soap and apply heat on the face cover for up to 5 minutes with the help of an iron.

Store the clean mask

Step 1:
Take any plastic bag at home.

Step 2:
Clean the plastic bag thoroughly with soap and water, and let it dry inside out.

Step 3:
Keep maximum 2 clean/ sanitized masks in the bag and seal it well.