Share a Mask

India, along with whole world is facing a herculean battle to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Every day is a new challenge. In the wake of this pandemic, one of the biggest challenges our country is facing right now is - shortage of masks. Masks have now become a part of everyday attire for safety and well-being, and as its demand is increasing by the day, the supply is falling short.

Gemini’s #MaskBanaoMovement is a rallying call to everyone in these testing times to extend a helping hand to people in the society who lack the means to protect themselves. As a brand which tells homemakers that it’s time to chase their dreams and make something of their own (Waqt Kuch Apna Banane Ka), the immediate call right now is to help other - Waqt Kuch Auron ke Liye Kuch Banane ka.

As India fights against Coronavirus, let us come forward and do our bit. Make as many masks as we can at home. Gemini will collect them and with the help of our NGO Partner – Concern India Foundation, these masks will be donated to the ones who need it the most.

Currently we are accepting participation from Mumbai & Pune only.